The strategy genre is rather niche in the grand scheme of the modern gaming industry. That's why we might be looking at the next big thing. As of May 11, sales of Manor Lords have exceeded two million copies. This milestone was achieved after its early access release on April 26.

The game surpassed the boldest expectations of its publisher, Hooded Horse, according to its CEO, Tim Bender. The company began to suspect the potential success of the city-building strategy after its demo gained popularity during one of the Steam Next Fest festivals and due to extensive media coverage.

In the early access reviews, journalists praise the core mechanics of the game. However, many note the lack of content, so people will not stay long enough. However, it is unsurprising given the early access nature of the game. Usually, in the early access players get a taste of the core skeleton of the game, and all that content meat will grow later. And with that core skeleton, it seems like there are no major problems.

The city-building strategy is available on PC, including through the PC Game Pass subscription service. The release date for the full version of the game is unknown. 

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