Starfield had an early release on September 1st for those who bought the deluxe edition. Bethesda seems to be facing trouble since many players are demanding refunds and suggesting others check out different games, like the recent Baldur's Gate 3, according to Steam data. While Starfield was in early access, there was a typical number of game refunds, ranging from 70,000 to 140,000 requests.

However, the number almost reached 200,000 a day before its official release. This spike might be linked to Starfield's full release. The catch was that early access was only available with the premium edition purchase, but you could get a refund even after playing for 30 hours and still keep your progress.

StarfieldImage credit: Steam

There are discussions on how to easily get a refund for Starfield. Players advised contacting the store's support and complaining about the game's technical state. Judging by the comments, many users took this advice. Some players plan to refund the deluxe edition and later buy the standard version. Others expressed genuine disappointment due to technical issues, bugs, and weak graphics.

StarfieldImage credit: Steam

It's hard to label Starfield a complete flop right now. The number of concurrent Steam players has decreased, even though the game had a full release. Maybe the situation will stabilize later, especially when players, which were waiting for the full release, will start buying.

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