On May 10th, closed alpha testing for Marvel Rivals, a team-based third-person PvP shooter, began on PC. Shortly after, several streamers announced that they had signed agreements with NetEase to receive keys for the game. According to the agreement, they are prohibited from making negative comments about it.

One of the first to disclose this was former esports player Brandon "Seagull" Larned during a live Twitch broadcast. After playing Marvel Rivals for a few hours, he revealed a portion of the agreement that mentioned the prohibition against negative remarks about the shooter.

Other streamers also confirmed that they had signed agreements with NetEase to access the closed alpha test for Marvel Rivals. Some were surprised by such a clause in the agreement because they had not encountered mentions of a prohibition on negative reviews before.

A few hours later, a representative from NetEase and Marvel Games commented on the contentious points in the agreements discussed by the streamers. The developers emphasized that they are always open to criticism and suggestions for improving Marvel Rivals. Therefore, they are working to revise the terms of the agreement.

Marvel Rivals testers cant criticize game as part of agreementImage: discord.gg

In Marvel Rivals, players battle each other in a 6v6 format on various maps using different superheroes from the Marvel universe. The closed alpha testing for this free-to-play shooter from NetEase and Marvel Games will continue until May 21st.

Main image: alphacoders.com