The next grand release, which is expected by many players, will be Starfield. Two giants, Microsoft and Bethesda, don't plan to downplay the scale of this project and are preparing a special event for users dedicated to the release.

It was announced on Twitter by journalist Karim Jovian. Some sources from Microsoft told him that the company was preparing an unusual event.

This may mean that the true "scale" of the game will be revealed. No further details about this event were provided. No date, no venue. Players can only wait for either the release of the game, which will take place in 3 weeks, or some other news.

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Fans only hope that the release of Starfield won't be as disastrous as Cyberpunk 2077, which turned out to be a real frustration for many players. The fact is that Starfield was supposed to be released last year, but it was sent for revision, same as Redfall. Fans are concerned about the current state of the game. There are also no reports that the main development is finished.

One concerned user asked about the progress of development and received the answer that everything is going well due to a wonderful team.

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