Developers from Mojang Studio have delighted fans of the popular sandbox game Minecraft with a new content expansion, and it's completely free. The DLC adds the ability to play as various animals from the real world in several biomes, giving players the chance to experience the amazing capabilities of wildlife firsthand. All the new features of the addon were showcased in an overview trailer.

The new addition is dedicated to the BBC documentary series "The Planet Earth III", which reveals the secrets of wildlife, from the depths of the oceans to the highest corners of planet Earth. Players can immerse themselves in the animal world and experience the roles of predator and prey, ranging from a furry seal to an African leopard and a bee. Discover how the lives of these animals intertwine.

In their blog, the developers indicated that there are several different scenarios that players can explore by transforming into various animals, each struggling for survival.

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The game also includes several biomes and the BBC Planet Earth field station. From the field station, users can choose which biome they want to play in, see what animals live there, and select from a range of activities. For each completed action, players can earn rewards to decorate the Field Station Center, such as in-game trophies, clothing items, and more.

The DLC also includes a free character creation item — Great White Shark, which your Minecraft character can wear in the game.

You can download "The Planet Earth III DLC" here.

Main image by Easy Diffusion