The iconic sandbox game Minecraft, first released in 2009, is turning 15! To commemorate this milestone, Mojang released a dynamic and humorous video sharing exciting news with players. Starting May 15th, a series of celebratory events will kick off in Minecraft, lasting for 15 days.

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Players can expect themed gifts, exclusive offers, discounts, and other engaging content. Mojang promises daily surprises, encouraging players to log in every day to receive their presents. While details about specific bonuses remain under wraps for now, the developers promise that everything will be revealed on the official Minecraft website on the first day of the celebration.

The announcement has sparked lively discussions online, with fans speculating about the potential gifts and events. Some hope for new skins and customization options, while others predict limited-time game modes or unique challenges.

Minecraft's enduring popularity stems from its creative freedom and limitless possibilities. The game allows players to build anything they can imagine, explore vast procedurally generated worlds, and collaborate with friends.

Main image: Ensiplay