MK1 PC users observed that every time the game crashes, it automatically generates a report that's stored on their drives. At first glance, this might not seem like a big deal, but it's quite the opposite. These reports provide detailed information about the crashes, with each report weighing about 1 GB.

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User "X" X-Azeez shared this information on their page based on screenshots from Divine_hat. Responses to the post reveal that many PC players were unaware of these automatic reports for Mortal Kombat 1 and just discovered how much of their memory had been used up over recent weeks.

X-Azeez advised users unfamiliar with how to locate these reports to follow these instructions: "Enter Local disk C, type MK12 in the search bar, enter the MK12 folder -> Saved -> Steam -> Crashes".

This isn't the only issue with the game. Now, onto the PS5 version. User Kompetitor highlighted input errors they encountered while playing Mortal Kombat 1's "Tournament" and "Practice" modes.

On PS5, the "Throw" and "Kameo" inputs for MK1 are mapped to L1 and R1 respectively. For Kompetitor, these two buttons are reversed, meaning their character Kameo is triggered with L1, and throws are assigned to R1. However, the game failed to acknowledge these changes.

One user suggested that reassigning controls during gameplay might be causing this problem. Yet, according to the original poster, they switched them during character selection. Others chimed in, stating they faced the exact same issue during offline tournaments.

It seems the MK1 input glitch isn't exclusive to the PlayStation 5. One gamer reported facing the same issues on the Xbox.

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