In the recent holiday event for the game, a variety of fun game modes have been introduced, including an old favorite: Infection's. In this Infectious Holiday version, one player tries to kill and infect other players in the lobby. Although there is no competitive mode in the game, some players have discovered a strategy that is spreading throughout the game, making it very difficult for the infected to win.

MW3 players have a strategy that makes winning in Infectious Holiday impossibleImage: Reddit

The strategy began to spread on social media. It's simple: all uninfected players find a small room, where they hole up and plant all of their claymores facing the door.

This means that any helpless infected player entering the door will be greeted by a powerful explosion. All uninfected participants wear a deer mask with a tongue sticking out, adding humor to the gameplay.

The MW3 Reddit community is both laughing at the new strategy and discussing how long it will last.

One user asked, "Wouldn't one snowball trigger all of this?" The question pertains to the possibility of infected players throwing snowballs instead of grenades in the game mode.

Other players believe the claymores are placed far enough apart not to trigger simultaneously, and that snowballs are not large enough to set them off.

However, for the most part, everyone is enjoying the absurdity of a group of reindeer huddled together in one room.

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