Netflix is teaming up with Roblox to launch its own digital entertainment park on the online gaming platform. The collaboration, called "Nextworld", is a web-based universe featuring characters and content from Netflix movies and shows like "Stranger Things", "One Piece", "Cobra Kai", and "Rebel Moon".

Locations in "Nextworld" will be interactive with mini-games inspired by shows like "Is It Cake?" and the opportunity to train karate at the "Cobra Kai" dojo. Users can attend online premieres and preview "Jurassic World: Chaos Theory", while the "Tudum Theater" will showcase daily video updates.

With this move, Netflix is expanding its universe beyond the streaming platform, offering fans a fully immersive experience into their favorite movies and shows through a gaming format. The collaboration with Roblox, a popular gaming platform with millions of users, especially among the youth, could be a strategic move to attract a new audience. If successful, it may inspire other streaming services to create similar virtual entertainment parks.

Main image: Netflix official trailer,