At the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, id Software presented the next installment in the DOOM series, titled DOOM: The Dark Ages.

The game will serve as a sort of prequel to the series, telling the story of the Doom Slayer's adventures in a setting reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The developers have been working on the shooter for no less than four years: the previous installment, Eternal, was released in 2020.

The main character will get a shield that can be used not only for defense but also to attack enemies. We've also seen him flying on some sort of mecha-bird. Also, one of the most impressive features of this trailer was a gun that grinds the skulls of the enemies into some sort of bullets. One of the closest analogies would be the ultimate of Roadhog in Overwatch, but in DOOM it is much, and we mean MUCH more brutal. 

DOOM: The Dark Ages will be released on PC, Xbox, and PS5. The release is scheduled for 2025, but no exact date as of now.

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