Dataminer and insider known as Gabe Follower shared details about Valve's next game. He is known for accurate reports about the company's products before their official announcements. We knew this game under the names "Neon Prime" and "Citadel", but it seems that Valve chose the name "Deadlock". Although it might seem strange, as Deadlock is also a name of the agent in Valorant.

Deadlock is a competitive third-person hero shooter. In it, two teams of six people battle on large maps with four lanes. Characters will have unique abilities and can use items.

Players will be able to move around the map quickly using rails and hooks similar to those in Bioshock Infinite. The movement will be necessary to defend structures, as the game will have some parts of a tower defence (probably, it will be objective-focused gameplay like one in Dota 2).

Valve is creating the game in a setting that combines fantasy with steampunk. Deadlock will feature "strange magical creatures" as well as robots. In creating the heroes, the developers seemed to draw significant inspiration from Dota 2.

Gabe Follower did not reveal any information about a possible release date for Deadlock. Valve has also not made any announcements related to their future projects. However, Tyler McVicker, another content creator and insider, who is focused on Valve, mentioned that there might be a closed alpha test running, and that means the game is in decent state. 

Also, soon comes a hot season for game announcements, so we might hear something soon. As of now, let Valve cook.

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