On January 25th, The Pokemon Company issued a statement regarding the buzz around Palworld. The company promised to conduct an investigation to establish or refute the fact of plagiarism and other violations. More about this can be read in our article.

Apparently, such news has upset Palworld fans, who have started posting messages on Reddit. They promised to boycott all Nintendo games if the Japanese company harms Palworld's creators in any way.

PalworldImage credit: x.com

However, not all Reddit users believe that Nintendo will indeed be able to hold the developers accountable.

They won't be able to do anything. I'm a Pokemon fan and I can admit that Palworld is better than any Pokemon game released in the last decade.

Nonetheless, such a sentiment among survival game fans shows how much the project has already endeared itself to players.

PalworldImage credit: axios.com

Palworld is a cooperative survival simulator that was released on Steam on January 19, 2024. In it, gamers need to explore the world, complete quests, gather resources, and build buildings with the help of unusual creatures. The game quickly gained popularity, with its sales exceeding 8 million copies within six days.

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