Video Games Chronicle reports that Nintendo is targeting the release of a new console in the second half of 2024. The exact date remains unknown for now. 

The company wants to approach the device's release more responsibly than its competitors to avoid shortages. It is reported that major partners have allegedly received development kits. 

Details about the console's release are kept as confidential as documents in the Pentagon. However, insiders know where to find the necessary information. They revealed that the console might be portable with cartridge support. 

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Additionally, there is information that the new console will feature an LCD screen. It seems that the developers decided to forgo an OLED display, most likely to keep the device from being too expensive. The new console will also come with more built-in memory, which is a welcomed improvement. 

Even experts believe that 2024 will be a successful year for Nintendo. Perhaps they've read the Tarot cards, or maybe they conducted surveys. Either way, experts agree that it will be a logical step for the developers. 

Will you be buy the new Nintendo console? 

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