A modification that replaces character models in Palworld with characters from Pokemon has started disappearing from mod distribution platforms like Nexus Mods, as noted by internet users.

The Pokemon mod for Palworld was created by a blogger under the nickname ToastedShoes. He shared the result on Nexus Mods and also recorded several videos for his YouTube channel. However, within a day, the videos were removed "at the request of the copyright owner". The author speculated that Nintendo, which owns the Pokemon franchise rights, started taking action.

The major platform NexusMods has already begun to independently remove modifications inspired by Pokemon. Presumably, the administration is trying to avoid impending lawsuits from the company.

Despite a warning from the copyright owner, on January 23, the blogger published a 16-minute video (unfortunately, the video was removed) on his YouTube channel, showcasing Palworld gameplay with the installed mod.

In the modified game, numerous Pokemon and characters known from the animated series appeared, including Misty and Jessie from Team R, who acts as a boss.

PalworldImage credit: mmo-forum.de

At the beginning of the video, the YouTuber said he plans to release this mod despite the warning from Nintendo. However, he will first have to figure out how to do this in order to avoid a lawsuit from the company.

The blogger emphasized that those interested would be able to download the mod for free, but the release date is not yet known. The team working on the mod will proceed cautiously, as they do not want claims from Nintendo, noted the YouTuber.

Main image by ensiplay