Palworld surpassed the threshold of 2 million concurrent players. It is currently the most popular project on Steam.

In the entire history of Steam, only one game — PUBG — has achieved such a feat. In January 2018, the demand for the online action game was so high that the online count exceeded 3.2 million people. It will be interesting to see if Palworld becomes the new champion.

The developers have published a roadmap detailing upcoming innovations.

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What players can expect:

  • PvP;
  • Raid bosses;
  • A PvP arena for pal battles;
  • Crossplay between Steam and Xbox players;
  • Improvements for the Xbox version;
  • An enhanced building system;
  • New islands, pals, bosses, and technologies.

It's also worth noting that the game's sales have exceeded 8 million copies. The project took just 6 days to set this record!

Palworld was released not only on PC but also on Xbox devices. It is also available on Game Pass. Previously, Pocketpair revealed the game's development plan. The developers want to add new features and modes, but only after fixing errors and improving the AI of Pals.

Main image by ensiplay