The developers of Palworld from Pocketpair posted a message on social media to condemn a rather blatant case of forgery that became known yesterday.

According to the message, the account Palwcrld_jp, created to resemble Palworld_jp (the developer's Japanese account), advertised Palworld NFTs, promising in-game rewards.

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A particular problem was caused by the fact that the imitator had a gold badge, identifying the account as a verified organization. This made the forgery more plausible to an unsuspecting observer.

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So far, no explanations have been provided why an account impersonating another had a gold badge, especially considering that this badge exists precisely to (theoretically) prevent impersonation. We also do not know the extent of the damage and how many people fell for this trick.

Nevertheless, Pocketpair mentioned that they have reported the impostor to X and are now considering the possibility of legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, today Pocketpair released another trailer dedicated to a specific pal, Katress.

Main image by ensiplay