Developers have released a gameplay video dedicated to patch 0.13.5 for Escape from Tarkov. In the video, users will be able to see an expanded version of the "Streets of Tarkov" map. 

Additionally, players can expect several other changes. 

Boss Kaban 

With the release of the patch, a new boss named Kaban will be added to the game. This boss is quite massive, allowing it to wield various heavy machine guns due to its size. 

As you might have already guessed, due to his massive forms, Kaban cannot move quickly. He will either stay still or slowly move his bulk from one point to another. Kaban is accompanied by a well-armed gang. Players can find Kaban in the vicinity of the auto service area on the "Streets of Tarkov" map. 

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Gear sets 

  1. Added the ability to save gear presets and quickly equip them. Players can name the presets, select the ones they want to equip, see their contents, weight, and compare them with other equipment sets.
  2. The screen for the selected gear set is divided into two tabs:
  3. "Equipment", displaying all available gear slots.
  4. "Pouches", showing the contents of rigs, pockets, backpacks, and secured containers.
  5. The selected gear set is assembled from matching items in the player's stash. If the player doesn't have enough items in the stash to assemble the kit, the missing items can be purchased from merchants or the flea market.
  6. After character creation, players have access to 15 basic equipment sets.
  7. Players can create up to 50 custom gear sets.

Random container spawns 

Another new feature: containers will appear in random locations. The number of these points has been increased. Large wooden crates, certain TerraGroup crates, large cash registers, and file cabinets will now always spawn at their designated locations. 

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Quick weapon switching 

Double-tapping the holster weapon hotkey will result in faster weapon switching. However, hand stamina will be consumed, causing the weapon in hand to shake. 

Changes in bot behavior 

  1. Scav bots now have routes for looting containers on the "Streets of Tarkov" map.
  2. Bots' weapon barrels slightly oscillate during peaceful walking. Peaceful routes of bots now mimic the player's movement with slight deviations from a straight line between points. Bots return to "ready" mode during combat or danger.
  3. The reloading speed of low-difficulty bots has been reduced.
  4. Bots can no longer rotate instantly. Significant rotation while prone makes the bot assume a sitting position and continue firing.
  5. Bots now search corpses, taking weapons, rigs, and backpacks. If a bot has a backpack and a rig, it drops them next to the corpse. Items taken by bots are not refundable through insurance.
  6. Bots can share items with player-controlled Scavs by calling out to them.
  7. Improved bot visibility at dusk to correspond more accurately to changing light levels. Flashlights still provide better visibility during this time.
  8. Adjusted scav spawn times on all maps.

You can review the complete list of changes at this link. The patch installation is scheduled by the developers for today. The game will be unavailable during this time.

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