Baldur’s Gate 3 became available for PlayStation 5 premium edition owners. Soon after, tests confirmed concerns about the game's performance.

Technically, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers both a "performance" mode (60 FPS) and a "quality" mode (30 FPS). In practice, there's hardly any noticeable difference in visuals between the two modes.

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As reported by GamingTech, Baldur's Gate 3 often can't maintain a stable 60 fps. In performance mode, the frame rate frequently drops to around 40 fps, and in worse cases, it can go down to 30 fps. In "quality" mode, the frame rate can dip below 30 fps, but overall, this mode is more stable.

The reasons for the PS5's poor performance weren't identified during testing. However, it's likely that Baldur's Gate 3 doesn't get along well with the console's older processor. Additionally, the game has notably long load times, which can reach up to 40 seconds. The reason for these long load times wasn't determined.

The release version of BG3 on PC also had its share of performance issues. The situation began to improve following patches, which the PS5 version should also receive. Players can only wait for solutions from the developers.

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