Xbox wants to become the primary gaming platform, but to do that, it needs Japan's support. This country is one of the largest gaming markets in terms of both consumers and the number of experienced developers. Phil Spencer is still trying to get closer to the Japanese industry.

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In an interview with Game Watch Spencer was asked if we should expect new Japanese AAA titles from Xbox. For example, like Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon. We highlighted several points from Spencer's response:

  1. Yes, the audience can expect something similar.
  2. Microsoft Game Studios is currently working with Japanese developers but cannot announce anything specific yet.
  3. Microsoft plans to publish games not only from internal Japanese teams but also from external ones.

Microsoft has been trying to establish itself in the country since the original Xbox. For instance, Japanese exclusives like Dead or Alive 3 or Phantom Dust appeared on the console. However, the Xbox family couldn't gain a solid foothold. According to Famitsu, current Xbox Series sales in Japan are almost 10 times behind PlayStation 5 and 60 times behind Nintendo Switch.

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The latest Japanese Xbox exclusive is Hi-Fi Rush by Tango Gameworks, which doesn't claim the AAA title status. Currently, Microsoft is working on an unnamed project with Hideo Kojima.

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