A new game release from Bethesda is always a big event. Every new game attracts a massive number of players. The highly-anticipated sci-fi role-playing game Starfield was released on September 6th after several years of waiting. The developers expect it to attract more players than any of their previous projects. 

Todd Howard mentioned this in a recent interview with BBC. He highlighted the game's advantage from the company's decision to focus on fewer platforms, something he has previously emphasized. Howard also stated that the RPG would have more players at launch than any of the studio's previous games.

Industry experts had predicted multi-million player activity for Starfield on its first day. PlayTracker reported a figure of 2 million players, but that was far from the truth. According to Phil Spencer's statement, the game currently has one million players.

For a game of this budget and hype, these numbers aren't particularly impressive. For comparison, Baldur’s Gate 3 garnered 2.7 million after its launch in August, and Cyberpunk 2077 had almost a million users on Steam alone.

Possibly, the number of players is due to the game not being optimized for PC. However, Howard offered a tip on how to fix this. He advised players to simply buy a new PC, as Starfield incorporates many next-gen technologies.

Additionally, Bethesda shared a special image collecting rave reviews and high scores from the press.

StarfieldImage credit: ngabbs.com

Main image: technewsspace.com