Larian Studios has proven that it listens to player feedback. Previously, gamers were dissatisfied with the game's rushed ending. With the new patch, the studio has added a playable epilogue, new cutscenes, a hardcore mode, and much more. The company warned on "X" that installing the update would require 130 GB of free disk space.


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The player's character and their companions will meet in the camp half a year after the game's final events, having received an invitation from the Exalted.

Here, players will see the essence of all the decisions made, opportunities realized, and chances missed. You can converse with all the guests, read letters from those who couldn’t come, and find out the latest news from the Baldur’s Gate newspaper, if the city is still intact in your playthrough.

The developers have prepared new cutscenes and cinematic clips for the finales of Gale and Lae’zel when they are chosen as protagonists.

Hardcore Mode

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In "Valor" mode, the player has only one life and one save slot. Also, bosses will have new abilities and legendary actions (attacks or spells that the enemy performs during the player's turn, not their own). The gameplay will also be made more challenging during regular battles and beyond.

If the user dies in "Valor" mode, the game will display detailed playthrough statistics so you can assess your progress. Then the player either continues the campaign at a different difficulty level or starts over.

For those who complete the game in the new mode, there is a reward — a skin of the golden d20 dice. There is also the option to customize your own difficulty level.

Other Changes

Let's consider other innovations:

  • A shared inventory window for all companions has appeared in the camp, even for those who are not in the squad.
  • A serious bug has been fixed, which caused the game to respond slowly to user commands at the late stages of the game after the fourth patch.
  • There is a reason to revisit Ramazith’s Tower: there will be a new battle if the player betrays one of the key characters.
  • Significant performance improvements, especially in the third act. The game also performs better on systems with a small amount of RAM.
  • The final romantic scene with Astarion is no longer obscured by a black screen.

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You can view the full list of updates here.

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