As of the time of writing this news, just over two months have passed since the release of Diablo 4, and player interest in this project has been steadily waning. An unsuccessful first season and the developers' inability to fulfill simple user wishes have directly impacted the community. Unfortunately, a 90% decrease in interest is not the limit. If things stays the same, the game will fail to attract new players and will lose current ones.

When Diablo 4 initially launched, there were about a million viewers on live streams. Today, there are approximately 12 thousand, a stark decline that is unacceptable for a high-budget online game.

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Search queries have also plummeted. Currently, interest in the project on major search engines has fallen by 87%. Comments and rating scores also fail to bring any joy.

The online impact was further exacerbated by the mass banning of players who exploited character transfers. This bug allowed users to move characters from the Eternal Realm to the Seasonal Realm. Although the bug was fixed, gamers paid with their accounts for their overconfidence.

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Developers could have interpreted this as cheating, as it required disabling the internet to move the character. Users began leaving complaints and expressing outrage. Some of them were indifferent, as Diablo 4 had already become tiresome for them.

It's impossible to accurately determine the current number of users playing Diablo 4, but the decline in interest speaks volumes. Critics dissatisfied with the gameplay stopped dedicating time to the game. Some users openly admit they've grown bored with the project and that it needs more variety. However, many are hopeful that the second season will surpass the first.

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