Diablo 4 is despondently going from masterpiece to failure. The excitement before the release of this game was colossal. All fans expected the continuation of the legendary series, and at the start of the project everything was more than good.

Immediately after the release, gamers plunged into Diablo 4 and made plans for the future. Everyone expected major updates and innovations. The continuation of the feast promised to be grandiose! However, Blizzard brought to the table not fresh additions, but rotten changes, spoiling everyone's appetite.

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Loyal fans accepted these unpalatable treats through tears, while Blizzard continued to feed them with bad progression and broken balance. Eventually, interest in Diablo 4 plummeted so precipitously that it spawned hundreds of thousands of haters of the game. They write about how they regret buying the product. 

Amidst all this madness, the PlayStation editorial staff weird show. Failed Diablo 4 suddenly received the "PlayStation Editor's Choice" award! Gamers immediately revolted, and a real war happened in the comments under the official post. 

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Players are asking for the award to be taken away from Diablo 4. In their opinion, the game doesn't deserve any awards until the developers fix everything that they messed up. The community is calling for the award to be given to Baldur's Gate 3. Although the project has not yet been released on consoles, gamers are confident that it will be the best game for 5 years to come.

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