What's missing from a great horror game? More screamers? Or perhaps, more bloody scenes and increasing tension with every action? No, what players are missing are cats! Fans of Lethal Company realized this and decided to add cats to the game.

User JordoVR created a modification that adds stray cats to Lethal Company. These pets can be found around the factory area by their loud meowing, caught, and petted.

Lethal CompanyImage credit: Reddit

The modification allows setting the number of cats (default is 20) that will appear in the location (only in safe areas). JordoVR added that they require proper care and affection. However, when scanned, the pets’ value appears, suggesting they might be sellable.

The horror mod has already been downloaded by over 6,000 users.

Lethal CompanyImage credit: fresherslive.com

If you want cute, fluffy kitties to appear in your game, you can download the mod for their appearance here.

Lethal Company was released at the end of October 2023. This cooperative horror game, where a squad needs to collect scrap metal for sale, quickly gained popularity and is now rapidly evolving thanks to the introduction of mods.

Main image by Easy Diffusion