As August 23rd approaches, the Gamescom convention is just around the corner, and numerous projects are set to be unveiled. The publisher Raw Fury is no exception and has revealed a lineup of games that will be presented at Gamescom 2023. These projects will include titles from both their current and upcoming plans. So, what does Raw Fury have in development for us? 

Post Trauma 

A retro-horror game is opening the list. If you love spine-chilling experiences, then this is excellent news for you, as there's always a thrill in downloading a fresh horror title and immersing yourself in its atmosphere. 

Players will have to solve puzzles, gather all the necessary information, and explore the place where they wake up. But it won't be a cute little house. Instead, it will be a dangerous and hostile territory. Your task: find a way out and return home. 

Realistic visual effects and intense musical accompaniment will accompany all of this. 

Event attendees will have a chance to see a demo version of one of the chapters of Post Trauma. For horror fans in eerie hospitals, this will be a treat since the presented chapter unfolds in a mysterious medical institution. Let's see if the game can surprise us, as it might seem commonplace at the moment. 

Star Trucker 

This is a retro sci-fi project designed for single-player gameplay. Star Trucker is a blend of truck simulation and role-playing elements. Players will embark on an incredible space adventure on a massive intergalactic platform, delivering cargos. 

Additionally, users will be able to engage in trading, listen to lively music on the radio, stroll around in spacesuits, and become famous and the coolest in the galaxy. 

Kingdom Eighties 

Just by watching the trailer, you'll feel the aroma of the '80s. Retro again! This won't surprise you anymore. Bright neon lights, summertime, and adventures — these are the details that can attract many players. 

You need to defend the kingdom from Greed. To do this, the hero must hire children, give them instructions, and constantly fortify their positions. It sounds intriguing. This project might even evoke nostalgia for many Gamescom visitors, as it visually resembles old games from the era of dinosaurs and the first consoles. 

Guests at the presentation will have the opportunity to experience the second level of Kingdom Eighties. 

Pizza Possum 

With the title alone, it's clear that you can expect pizza and possums. It sounds... strange and unusual, but at the same time cool. This is an arcade game where you'll have to eat a lot to avoid being caught. 

Possums are definitely daring creatures, as they'll be running around a seaside town, hiding, and constantly experiencing adrenaline rushes to avoid being caught by guards. And all this chaos is for a bite of food. 

Gamescom visitors can already dive into the gameplay of Pizza Possum.

Dome Keeper  

And rounding off our list is Dome Keeper, a roguelike combined with survival and mining. The event will feature a cooperative game mode. 

Main Image: YouTube