Respawn and EA decided to bring changes to the Battle Pass system in Apex Legends. While they promise more rewards to the player base, it seems like the management truly needs more money from the players as behind the sweet advertisement lies big nerf to many dedicated players.

Now, instead of one long Battle Pass, there will be two that are shorter. For long-hour players, that would not be a big problem as they would play enough to earn the in-game coins to pay for the next battle pass. However, EA switched that option off, and now a battle pass can only be bought with real money.

It seems like EA is unhappy with the number of players who kept earning battle pass rewards without pouring in real money (you could buy only one battle pass and continue for dozens of seasons easily). And this increase in rewards is valuable for those who regularly donated money to the game, but for those who are tight on budget. Let's say if there is a slump in peak online, this won't surprise us.

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