At the PlayStation ChinaJoy 2023 conference, Sony announced three games. It's a real treat for gamers. So, what can they expect? 

The first game will be called "The God Slayer." It is being developed by the creators of "My Time at Sandrock." It will be a role-playing adventure where gamers will engage in epic battles with monsters. The plot revolves around the main character challenging the gods to gain incredible power. Sounds quite intriguing. 

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Moving on, the next game is "Dhaba: Land of Watermarks." Unfortunately, there were no interesting details about this game disclosed at the event. However, it is evident from the trailer that players can expect a fantasy world with various magical creatures. 

"The Winds Rising" by TiGames is the third announced project. The company didn't delve into specifics, keeping an air of mystery. But some details have been revealed. 

It will be an action RPG where the main character is a girl: she will embark on her fateful journey from her village. The future of the kingdom will depend solely on her. Players can expect thrilling battles and an engaging story.

All three games will be developed by Asian developers for PlayStation 5. Their release dates remain a mystery for now. 

Which of these games would you like to try already? 

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