For all those who are eagerly waiting for Starfield, there is a pleasant news. Bethesda announced that the game is fully ready for release, and all stages of development have been completed. This means that we will go to conquer space on September 6! The pre-release will be available on August 17th for Xbox Series X/S, and on August 30th — for PC.

Such stunning news didn't appear by chance. Recently, there were rumors that Starfield's release would be postponed again. Surely fans were ready to throw rotten eggs at the developers' office. However, the audience was not just calmed down, but also fueled the interest of the public with new details about the game.

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Starfield's design director and lead quest designer shared answers to players' questions. These are some very intriguing details. The loudest was the news about the role-playing system. Starfield will have over 20 characters that can join the main character's team. Each one has its own character and story. Big quest chains were prescribed for four of them. 

The team from Bethesda has focused on character relationships from the very beginning of development. They assure that the companions will not just help the player, but will directly influence the course of the story.

All companions will have their own unique skills. They will also be able to somehow strengthen the main character and the ship. At the same time, they will not receive new skills. We'll need to pay only once to hire a new companion. The salary system was canceled in order not to overload the gameplay. 

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The developers also claim that the game will be very flexible for role wagering. Apparently, the team took into account the bad experience in Fallout 4. In Starfield, players can do without killing. Or they can become brutal killers. The game will react to this. For example, one of the developer's characters was a good-natured space trucker who never attacks first. 

Players can buy housing in any major city to take a break from traveling. The world of the game will live by certain rules, so the sectors will have their own power and laws. The economy will be fixed, but it can change based on the skills of the player and his team.

Starfield will give the opportunity to transport contraband. With illegal cargo on board you will have to calculate the route so that you do not get caught. There are special modules for this purpose that can hide the contraband from scanning. 

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If you are not a good smuggler, and if your illegal cargo is spotted, you will be put on a wanted list. You can try to escape from the guards, but otherwise you will have to pay a fine or go to jail. 

According to the developers there is so much content in Starfield that even after years of development they are discovering something new.

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