Modder Nukem has launched a DLSS 3 mod for Starfield. This mod brings in-game settings/options, allowing players to adjust both DLSS 3 Super Resolution and DLSS 3 Frame Generation during gameplay.

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The DLSS 3 mod by PureDark adds reshade to the game and breaks compatibility with SpecialK. Moreover, it's a paid mod, so many players might avoid it. On the other hand, the free DLSS 3 by LukeFZ only allows settings changes via a TXT file. This means that to modify DLSS 3 settings, one would have to exit the game, make changes, and then relaunch Starfield.

However, with this latest mod, you can easily tweak DLSS 3 settings right within the game. Below are the new graphic settings.

StarfieldImage credit: nexusmods

As can be seen, PC players can now even adjust the Upscaling Mip Bias, Model Preset DLSS, and sharpness method. The mod can be downloaded here.

Main image: Reddit