The outdated engine called Creation Engine 2, which Bethesda hasn't revamped since 2011, didn't fare well in the company's new project. Many players complain about poor game performance on PC, but as it turns out, there are severe optimization issues on the Xbox Series S|X consoles too. While playing Starfield, they experience sudden FPS drops, frequent crashes, and in some cases, even console breakdowns.

There has been a surge in negative reviews about Starfield's performance on Xbox Series S|X across social media and gaming forums. Initially, the game seemed to run smoothly on the consoles, but as players progressed, they encountered more issues.

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Players report that even on the most powerful Xbox Series X, the FPS often drops to 0 on barren planets. On top of this, there's a long list of frustrating bugs seen both on PC and some critical game failures.

One gamer claims that Starfield broke his Xbox Series X following a crash. According to him, the console just stopped working properly, forcing him to reset it to factory settings and then install operating system updates. He suspects the crash might have damaged the console's memory, so he's postponing playing Starfield until patches are released.

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Regarding PC problems, Bethesda Softworks suggests upgrading the graphics card or processor. However, what Xbox Series S|X players should do remains unclear.

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