The expected showdown between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield didn’t happen. Bethesda's game couldn't stand up to the competition. According to Metacritic, Starfield's ratings keep dropping due to a wave of angry reviews. The PC version has a score of 87, while the Xbox version has 83.

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This difference in scores is due to the game's optimization. The game demands a lot from systems and doesn't run smoothly even on top-end PCs. The Xbox Series X performs even worse. This has also affected its Steam ratings. According to Valve's platform, Starfield has the lowest ratings among Bethesda's projects.

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For instance, the legendary Skyrim has 93.8% positive reviews. Fallout 4 has 81.87%, and Fallout 3 has 78.52%. Currently, Starfield only has 72.18% positive reviews. However, this might change, but it's hard to predict in which direction. The game is still new, and these ratings aren't bad for it. For Bethesda, these are decent scores.

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The problem with Starfield is its poor optimization and intentional negative reviews from critics and players. Sadly, the game's ratings are often unjustly low. As for the optimization, Bethesda is working on it. Despite some controversial statements from Todd Howard, the studio is working on improving performance. Support for DLSS and other options that fans are waiting for will be released soon.

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