Streamer Kai Cenat destroyed his computer following a loss in Fortnite. Indeed, nobody likes to lose, especially not a sum of $30,000.

Kai is among those streamers who enjoy entertaining their viewers, so he decided to hold a small competition with his colleague from AMP, known as Agent 00.

The duo played Call of Duty and Fortnite, and when Agent suggested raising the stakes, their battle escalated to a new level. The audience watched their fight with genuine interest, where $30,000 was at stake.

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It all started when Agent was invited to participate in several matches of Call of Duty, with the condition that if he won, he could stream from Kai's room for an entire week. As their competition heated up, the streamers agreed on a cash bet of $30,000, which included three rounds of Call of Duty battles and a 1-on-1 fight in Fortnite. Cenat made every effort to match Agent's experience but ultimately failed.

After the death of his character, Kai Cenat stood up from the table, took a run-up, and jumped feet first into his workstation, instantly interrupting the broadcast and thrilling the viewers.

Main image by ensiplay