Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has captured the interest of those eagerly awaiting GTA 6. During a meeting with investors, Strauss unveiled that a pivotal moment awaits the company in 2025. Expected profits are projected to reach up to 8 billion dollars. Journalists quickly rallied around the notion that this is connected to the upcoming release of GTA 6. Considering the game's development and Take-Two's strategies, it certainly appears that we should indeed expect GTA 6 in 2025. 

GTA 6Image credit: gamerficial.com

Trusted insider Shinobi602 has shared a similar perspective. If it's true, the developers of GTA 6 should be hard at work. The audacity behind these statements is striking. Nonetheless, we all remember how bold claims led CD Projekt Red to massive losses and a tarnished reputation. Rockstar has consistently delivered on major releases so far, but they have also faced their share of missteps. For example, the recent re-release of Red Dead Redemption has already stirred up a wave of players' frustration and anger. 

In the process, the head of Take-Two also indicated that they currently have no intentions of granting rights for screen adaptations of their games in the near future. While it would be incredible to watch a movie or TV-show based on the Red Dead Redemption game series, the company views it as an unprofitable investment. 

Strauss Zelnick believes that the success of The Last of Us series and the Mario movie is simply a fortunate alignment of circumstances. From his perspective, directing finances this way isn't a profitable business. Film adaptations of Take-Two's subsidiaries are already underway, specifically Borderlands and BioShock. Nevertheless, the company is not prepared to explore additional ventures at the moment. 

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