The developers had to roll back the 4th hotfix for Baldur's Gate 3 due to various issues. For example, users were unable to load their saves while this hotfix was in effect. The company promised that this would be possible when they fixed all the glitches.

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Fortunately, the authors did not wait long and immediately got to work. They quickly sorted out all the problems, apologized to players and explained what happened:

Hotfix 4 went through a rigorous QA pipeline and was confirmed as a candidate for release yesterday. However, we triggered a rebuild of the version relatively last minute to change the version number. The version that was cooked was unfortunately plagued by compiler corruption, which was causing certain exceptions that normally wouldn't cause crashes to - you guessed it - cause crashes.

Since compiler issues like that are extremely rare, we weren't prepared for it. We should've been. We messed up.

The process of releasing updates has been changed to avoid the recurrence of such mishaps. Developers will now conduct thorough testing before releasing a new patch. Player saves are working again after fixing the glitches.

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