The highly anticipated adventure game Sky: Children of the Light, developed by thatgamecompany, renowned for their work on Journey and Flower, is finally making its way to PC. The Early Access release is scheduled for April 10th on Steam. The developers have opted for an Early Access launch, likely to address any issues that may arise during the porting process. 

However, they assure players that the PC version will include all the content currently available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

Sky Children of the LightImage: steampowered.comIn Sky: Children of the Light, players take on the role of the Children of Light, embarking on a magical journey through seven unique biomes to restore lost radiance to the celestial constellations. From the cozy Prairie to the majestic Temple, each location is filled with secrets and fragments of light waiting to be collected. 

Players will interact with spirits using gestures and sounds, unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization. What sets this game apart from others in the genre is its unconventional communication methods, utilizing music and sign language instead of traditional dialogue. The project offers a meditative and relaxing experience, featuring pleasant graphics and soothing sounds.

Main image: Ensiplay