The creators of Palworld have reported widespread threats against them. The developers are receiving accusations of plagiarism, criticism, and even death wishes.

The head of the Pocket Pair studio, Takuro Mizobe, wrote that he received numerous opinions regarding Palworld. He noted that the work on Palworld is overseen by a few people, including himself personally.

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Mizobe acknowledged that he bears responsibility for the production. He asked the community to refrain from slandering the artists involved in the development of Palworld.

I see all my personal messages and emails, I will read everything, I promise! However, forgive me if I miss death threats, threats against the company, and other extremely bizarre claims.

The main reason for user outrage might be the similarity to "Pokémon". However, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe stated that the studio conducted a legal review — other companies have not taken any action against it and have not demanded the project be shut down.

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Palworld is a survival simulator with a mechanic of collecting creatures similar to Pokémon. The game's early access release occurred on January 19.

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