At CD Projekt, work is underway on a slew of projects, including Polaris, the first game in a new trilogy of The Witcher. According to Reuters, the creators intend to kick off the active development phase of Polaris by the end of 2024. Adam Badowski, one of CDP's executives, shared this information with the publication.

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Although the official title The Witcher 4 has not yet been announced, CDPR confirmed the existence of a project codenamed Polaris back in October 2022. Little has been known about the game since then. However, the developer confirmed that many from the team had been working on Polaris as early as November. By mid-2024, about 400 people are expected to be working on Polaris. The project does not have a release date yet, but analysts speculate that it might be released in 2026 or 2027.

Also, CD Projekt has formed a group that will start exploring AI and how this technology can be applied in development.

We believe AI can help improve certain game production processes, but it will not replace humans
Michał Nowakowski, CDPR's co-director. 

The Witcher 4 is the first part of an entirely new trilogy, but this is just one aspect of the upcoming games from CD Projekt Red expected in the coming years. These include a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and several spin-offs of The Witcher.

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