Baldur’s Gate 3, lasting over 75 hours, is a grand adventure. It is reported that players spend years of game time on character creation screens. As with any game, regardless of its size, gamers eagerly anticipate the sequel. For BG3 fans, this means the next major Larian RPG.

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Although nothing official has been announced, these fans still have a glimmer of hope. Swen Vincke noted that he has made a breakthrough in what could be his next project, hinted at by his post on social network "X".

However, Vincke quickly tempers fans' expectations regarding his next project, clarifying that it is neither a teaser nor an announcement. Instead, he is simply sharing his excitement about the project with his followers.

Over the years, I've realized that working on drafts that you eventually discard is never a waste of time, even if it seems that the drafts are crappy. More often than not, you realize that you can return to that idea again — you just need to find the right story for it.

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Then, Swen Vincke immediately wanted to reassure fans, stating that his comment was "not what you think" and does not predict any imminent announcement, but merely a desire to share a small personal achievement regarding future projects. After which the head of the company announced:

It will still be some time before this mysterious game is discussed, which will surely pique the curiosity of fans.

What did Swen Vincke mean? It is unlikely to be work on Divinity: Original Sin 3 or Baldur’s Gate 4. Perhaps a new grand project is in development. We can only wait and guess.

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