Starfield releases tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped gamers from setting records today. The brief early access period was enough for enthusiasts to thoroughly explore the RPG and start speedrunning it. It turns out that to complete the game, including all loading screens, takes about three hours. Micrologist shared his trial run where he reached the game's end credits at 2 hours, 51 minutes, and 42 seconds.

The official speedrunning race hasn't started yet, so Micrologist's run can't be considered the world record. Plus, he didn't push too hard. The speedrunner took several minutes on the character creation screen, examining features and pondering a name.

Micrologist spent most of his time on the penultimate stage. Before the final mission, there's a lengthy prep stage where players must converse with many characters. The runner described his playthrough as a "trial run" and hopes to beat his own record, believing the game can be completed in under 2 hours.

No significant game-exploiting glitches have been found to speed up the playthrough yet. In his run, Micrologist used "bunny hops" and a jetpack. He used one trick to avoid clearing a base-lab in the first mission: taking advantage of low gravity, he climbed atop a building, dealt with the pirate captain, and fast-traveled back to his ship amidst the battle.

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Previously, the speedrunner held fast completion records for games like Doom Eternal (finished in one hour) and The Outer Worlds (completed in just 15 minutes).

If you're into fast playthroughs, you can try to beat this record. But if you enjoy slow gameplay and delving deep into a virtual world, consider downloading the Starfield Script Extender tool here and use new mods to extend your Starfield experience.

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