Valve has added the ability to publish custom maps for Counter-Strike 2 in the Steam Workshop. This not only significantly facilitates the publication of works from fans of the team shooter, but also allows you to play on unofficial servers with maps from the community.

In addition, the competitive mode now displays the required number of victories to obtain a rank. Server administrators can now use the command sv_maxuptimelimit, which turns off the server after a specific number of hours.

CS2Image credit: Steam

Valve has also improved the performance of player animations on the client and server side.

Here is a list of the main changes in the shooter:

  • Enabled uploading of CS2 maps to the Steam Workshop;
  • Community servers can host workshop maps;
  • Fixed an issue where custom commands were ignored with low connection quality;
  • Fixed an issue where weapons fired faster than intended;
  • Fixed an issue where the game client displayed multiple shots instead of one;
  • Fixed an issue where players could not save their weapons between overtime rounds;
  • Decoy grenades now aesthetically interact with smoke clouds;
  • A knife attack immediately after switching to it always deals full damage;
  • Birds on Inferno, which players mistakenly took for grenades, have been removed.

You can read the full list of changes here.

Main image: YouTube