The net profit of the author of the game Lethal Company, which he received from the sales of his project, amounted to $33.6 million. This figure is calculated using the Boxleiter method and is approximate.

This calculation method takes into account several factors, including Steam's commission, the number of returns, discounts, taxes, and regional pricing. In total, the revenue from the game's sales amounted to nearly $114 million in the three months following its release.

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It appears that since its release in mid-October in early access, Lethal Company has sold 10 million copies.

The company Push to Talk calculated that sales reached $113.9 million, with a gross income of $113.9 million. This latter figure was determined using the Boxleiter method, which considers user reviews, prices, and Valve's share.

Using the same method, the publication determined that the game's net income currently stands at $33.6 million. The game has hundreds of thousands of reviews, and the number of players fluctuates between 120,000 and 240,000 over several months.

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Within a few weeks of its release, Lethal Company reached 115,000 concurrent users on Steam. By the end of 2023, it entered the silver rating of the best-selling games on the platform and reached over 150,000 players.

The release of Lethal Company took place on October 24th for PC. The game is in early access. According to the developer of the title, the full version will be released approximately six months after the start of early access. The maximum daily online for Lethal Company consistently exceeds 100,000 people.

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