Game designer Todd Howard, in an interview with The Washington Post, discussed the company's challenges, including how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the game's development.

The developers worked not only on the game itself but also on the new technologies behind it. Todd Howard recalled that the game was initially set to be released in November 2022. The studio believed they had ample time.

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But what happened to the "hundreds of ideas" the studio had for Starfield that didn't make it into the game? Howard mentioned that they considered implementing the post-apocalyptic Washington from Fallout 3.

We planned it, but those ideas weren't executed. We knew we were going to rewrite parts of the engine, so we started developing planet and space object technology on our previous engine and renderer.

Regarding the future, DLCs are already being developed for Starfield. Details on its release are not yet available, but Howard confirmed that full mod support will come next year.

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Starfield officially launched on September 6th, but players could play the game from September 1st by purchasing a special edition. Not much time has passed, and the game's rating has dropped from 88% to 77%, due to optimization issues. Even owners with an RTX 4070 graphics card have complained about the game.

However, despite this, Starfield remains the top game on Steam's chart for the second consecutive week. Baldur's Gate 3 is in second place among paid titles, and RDR 2 is in third place.

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