LEGO Company has announced the launch of a new set inspired by the cult movie saga "Twilight" and the eponymous novels by American writer Stephanie Meyer. This set has become one of the favorites in the Lego Ideas First 2023 competition. A release is expected soon.

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The set includes: a detailed Cullen family house, a wolf figure made of LEGO bricks, as well as minifigures of the main characters of the saga: Bella, Edward, Carlisle, and the werewolf Jacob.

The designer of this unique set is Nick Michaels, known in the LEGO community under the pseudonym LobsterThermidor. Although Michaels only started working with building sets a few years ago, he has already gained recognition as a master LEGO builder.

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Michaels' interest in "Twilight" emerged in adulthood, and at one point he decided to propose to LEGO to create a set dedicated to this vampire saga. The idea received widespread support both from the company's management and among fans: the project collected the necessary 10,000 likes on the Lego Ideas website, which is a condition for launching the set into production.

Also, a series in the "Twilight" universe is planned for release, but no official details are known yet.

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