Pocketpair has released a new patch for Palworld on PC, which includes measures to combat cheating and bug fixes.

The new patch is already available on Steam (version, and a patch for Xbox Series (version will be released as soon as it is ready.

PalworldImage credit: techcrunch.com

As mentioned, this minor patch includes bug fixes, including resolving an issue where the game's loading screen would not end when entering the game world.

Additionally, the patch fixes a bug that caused the world date to display incorrectly and reset. The update also includes measures to combat exploits and various cheats on the game's official servers.

PalworldImage credit: x.com

It is currently confirmed that some players have been using cheats on the official server.

We will release the patch as soon as it is ready, but at the moment it is difficult to completely prevent all cheats at once. We will continue to pay even more attention to security and strive to create an environment where everyone can play comfortably. We sincerely apologize to all players affected by this incident.

Palworld is still only in early access, so it may be expected that it will not be fully functional just a few days after launch. Players should be prepared to encounter bugs.

You can read the full list of updates here.

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