The developers of Blockbuster Inc. have unveiled a new trailer and announced the game's release date. In this movie studio management simulator, players will have the opportunity to develop their own company starting from the 1920s. The game offers a wide range of detailed settings, from hiring personnel to frame-by-frame film shooting.

Players can hire employees for various positions, including screenwriters, producers, actors, stunt performers, visual effects specialists, and even chefs. The game features a comprehensive work schedule, with designated hours for work, rest, and lunch breaks. It also offers a vast selection of film themes, interior items, pre-built rooms, and other blueprints.

In addition to setting up the movie studio, players can manage film budgets, force reshoots, and even take on the role of a director by choosing the best camera angles, staging, and effects.

Blockbuster IncImage: youtube.comBlockbuster Inc. is set to release on June 6, 2024, for PC. A prologue is already available to play on Steam, giving players a glimpse of what to expect from this immersive and detailed movie studio simulation experience. With its rich features and customization options, Blockbuster Inc. promises to deliver an engaging and authentic journey through the golden age of cinema, allowing players to build their own movie empire from the ground up.

Main image: Ensiplay