Publisher XSEED Games has announced a partnership with Dutch studio Little Chicken to release the offbeat farm sim Moonlight Peaks, set in a town of supernatural beings. The game is slated for a 2026 release on PC.

In Moonlight Peaks, players take on the role of a vampiric offspring of the legendary Count Dracula. Instead of bloodthirsty villainy, the hero must prove to their skeptical father that the undead can lead a compassionate life.

Moonlight PeaksImage: Moonlight Peaks,

The protagonist's primary occupation will be running their own farm at night. Players will grow magical crops, study witchcraft, and master potion-making. Alongside farming duties, they'll interact with the colorful residents of Moonlight Peaks: werewolves, witches, mermaids, and other peculiar creatures.

For those who successfully adapt to the town's supernatural residents, the developers promise the opportunity to spark a mystical romance and even find eternal love in the moonlit expanse.

A demo version of Moonlight Peaks is already available on Steam. The full release from Little Chicken is scheduled for 2026 on PC.

Main image: Ensiplay