Unfortunately, Warzone has had significant issues with cheaters. As Verdansk approached its end, cheaters were at the peak of their activity, forcing many high-ranking players to look elsewhere until an anti-cheat system was implemented.

This anti-cheat, known as Ricochet, has achieved some success over the last few years. Hackers have been consistently blocked, and measures have been taken to prevent them from harming others. However, cheaters still find ways to infiltrate.

CoD WarzoneImage credit: nvidia.com

Spin-bots and aim-bots are back in vogue. A number of Warzone players have taken to social media to complain about them, posting videos that prove cheaters are shooting them out of the sky effortlessly.

I'm trying hard to find a reason to load up Warzone, even though it seems like every other match someone is blatantly cheating. What's the point of playing when it's like this?
Redditor Courseheir. 

Other players claim they have encountered cheaters, but not as aggressively as some users describe.

It remains unknown whether Activision will continue to crack down on cheaters' actions, but it is hoped that they will take strict measures.

Main image: beta.dreamstudio.ai