Several months have passed since Tekken 8 was officially launched, and although there are balance patches, we can now see the favourite heroes of audience. AlietteFaye gathered data from Tekken 8 ranked matches and there are some really interesting facts.

Before we talk about characters, let's acknowledge the fact that more than a half players use PC version of the game. While consoles are the main platform for competitive matches (we're talking about the PlayStation 5 here which has almost 40% players), PC is really big in the community. Xbox really struggles with less than 10%, but even Microsoft executives admit that the sales of Series S|X are not that great.

Five most popular Tekken 8 characters:

  1. Jin
  2. King
  3. Reina
  4. Kazuya
  5. Hwoarang

But now, we move to characters. Jin and Kazuya are in the top-5. It is unsurprising, considering they are the faces of the franchises. King is popular as well, as the grab master and lucha wrestler has a unique playstyle that dates back to the earliest Tekken games in the 1990s. Hwoarang is also in the top-5, as this taekwondo master was a fan favourite since Tekken 3 where he debuted.

What might seem shocking is that Reina is in top-5. But among the three new characters in Tekken 8, she, firstly, has the greatest role in the lore and, secondly, her character design is top tier and people love it. The other debutants, Victor and Azucena, are in the middle of the list. Not great, not terrible.

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