Currently, there are over a dozen games in development in collaboration with external partners. This was announced by the head of Xbox Game Studios, Christine Cox.

At the moment, we are working on a large number of projects, and we have over a dozen games that we are currently working on. Each of these projects is absolutely unique, and we approach them very individually.

Christine Cox revealed this information in an interview published during GDC, which, for some reason, only recently surfaced thanks to posts from certain "X" users.

It should be noted that this refers to the Microsoft Xbox Game Studios Publishing division and not the internal projects of Xbox Game Studios.

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Some of these games have already been officially announced or confirmed to be in development, including:

• Contraband from Avalanche Studios;

• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 from Asobo Studio;

• Ara: History Untold from Oxide Games and Towerborne from Stoic Studio.

Obviously, this information is quite vague, but it gives an idea of the number of projects currently underway at Xbox Game Studios.

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