You won't be surprised by a refrigerator with an Xbox Series X design anymore, as there are currently three variants of such appliances with internal volumes ranging from 4.5 to 91 liters. As part of the refrigerator set, you can now also purchase a toaster in the form of the "younger" console, Series S.

You may have read various rumors about the possible release of such a device back in early March 2023. Finally, in January 2024, a toaster called Xbox Series S 2 Slice became available for purchase in the United States at Walmart for $39.99. Options include an extended warranty of up to two or three years for $4 or $5, respectively. The toaster has already been purchased by at least 100 people, four of them have rated the device with a 5-star rating.

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The device turned out to be slightly larger than the game console — 381 x 193 x 117 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of the Xbox Series S are 275 x 151 x 63.5 mm. A noticeable difference between the novelty and conventional toasters (in addition to the design) is the Xbox logo, which remains on each slice of bread after toasting.

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Here's what you can find in the description for the Xbox Series S 2 Slice:

"Meet the Xbox Series S Toaster. This appliance will take your kitchen countertop to the next level. The shade selector dial lets you toast your bread, English muffins, frozen waffles, and bagels exactly how you like them every time, anywhere from lightly toasted to dark. Multiple family members or roommates? Keep a list of everyone's settings to score the group breakfast bonus. The countdown timer lets you know how much longer until your toast pops up. No more breakfast-induced jump scares or trying to spread butter on bread that's already gone cold because you were trying to find a good save point. But wait—here’s more. It imprints the Xbox sphere logo on your bread while it’s heating it. It's the next generation toasting console. Get yours today."

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What do you think of this kitchen gadget? Have you already ordered one or are you still planning to?

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